Sustainable Open Solutions International

SustainableOS supports sustainable development, environmental and climate change initiatives internationally, including research, project management, data analysis and development of open source web-based services.

SustainableOS service areas include:

  • (i) management of international sustainable development, environmental and climate change projects, with particular expertise in data/information-related initiatives.
  • (ii) development of web-based platforms for sharing and communicating sustainable development data and information
  • (iii) data analysis and visualisation
  • (iv) development of training modules
  • (v) editing services for MSc/PhD dissertations and scientific papers in the fields of environmental science and management, sustainable development, GIS and remote sensing.

 All services and products use open source software applications only, including:

  • (i) Plone content management system
  • (ii) GRASS GIS for geospatial services
  • (iii) R for data analysis and visualisation
  • (iv) GeoNetwork Opensource for developing online metadata/data sharing platforms